Feb 19, 2008

Billy the Kid - no outlaw

Here's the 3 amigoes. Pistol - yorkie, Lexi -Bassethound, and Billy - 3 month old German Shepherd
Billy, come home! He doesn't really take to walks yet.

Billy, between sleeping and playing.
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Ranch wife said...

cute pictures. Gotta love those dogs. I never thought I would be a "dog" person.But I am very fond of them. Cats are....yuck, except for Pete the barn cat. He is cool.
we will be praying for David tomorrow. Lets me know how it goes?
Love ya,

Countrygirl said...

I think Pistol kept me from getting depressed after Josh. I got him a year later when I wasn't working for 5 months there. You know, we've spoke of this before, animals are easier to love than people sometimes(horses and dogs for me, especially.)
Thanks for the prayers, I will be so glad when he has relief from all the pain. He can't even make a fist now, or hold on to anything. You know how that is for these middle aged cowboys!
Love ya'll dearly,

Ranch wife said...

Oh dogs. As I speak Ginger is on the couch asleep,and Rambo is in the chair. Not sure how that will work when he is 100+ lbs. I know I shouldn't get them do it..but it isn't like my furniture is going to suffer, ha ha.
Middle age cowboys Ha.Buck has a shoulder thing going on, and not to mention a hip thing. A horse fell in him a few years ago, and it bugs him when the weather is bad and cold. Poor Taylor has started early. The foot he broke last year at this time really hurts him if he has to do a lot of walking. Of course Taylor tries to avoid walking anywhere, except to the icebox. Ha
Glad the surgery went well. I prayed for yall off and on all day.
Love ya

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