Feb 16, 2008

DS's New Job

DS has a new job! He is so excited, it's a ranch job and he will do whatever needs done. He will work Saturdays until summer and he will stay out there part-time, home the other. Today he was supposed to go out to the ranch and get acquainted, but as plans do, they changed. He got to go to the Pine Valley ranch and load grass seed into the helicopter hopper for the burned areas. He had a blast. He took these pictures, and then when they were done - he got a helicopter ride!

We have been praying for something good to come along for Kaleb, and God has blessed him twice this week. First the job, then he was given a purebred German Shepherd puppy - black with just a touch of white on his chest. They were selling for about $550. The lady wanted to get rid of them so she offered one to my s-i-l, who knew ds would love one. She signed the papers over and everything. Well he brought him home last night. He's 12 weeks old and huge! I will post his pictures next, when we get a name!

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Ranch wife said...

I am so happy for K. what a neat job. And the puppy, well that is just neat. Isn't it wonderful to see God at work?
Enjoy that pup. Can't wait to see the pictures.
Taylor has the brother to Jen's dobie. His name is Rambo. He is the smartest dog, and so even tempered. I wish I could have bought his other brother, he was red, and cute as a bug. But...alas that would have put poor Ginger into total meltdown.
Love ya,

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