Mar 21, 2008

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday! Pistol and Billy playing tug-of-war! This picture is like me, always being pulled in 2 directions, wanting to do what is right; choosing what is wrong. Whether it's the thougths I get when someone flies be while driving to work, or the anger at someone for something they did. Then I think of Jesus, what He did for me; what God did for me....that I might not perish. My prayer lately has been to REALLY see others as Jesus sees others. To have true compassion and love for my fellow man; no matter who they are, what they are, what they do.

So last night I had a class in town, while waiting I decided I wanted a soda. I drove to McDonalds and got a Coke. I followed two young men inside. One had those huge rings in his ears and nose, the ones that stretch your skin. The other one was wearing some awful looking clothes, skulls etc.
I asked God to let me see these two boys as He sees them. They ordered and stood back, I smiled at them - they both looked at me. Here I was in my Justins, jeans, etc. I get my cup and go fill it up, they are having trouble getting lids - I help them. I notice they are now smiling back, both young men had beautiful eyes. The one with all the piercings had bright, white teeth. So, okay, I tell myself step out of your comfort zone and talk with them - not to them!
I asked if that was their motorcycle trailer out there, covered with about a half foot of dirt. They both grinned and said yes. Are you going to play, or have you already been? I asked.
"We are going!" and then they really started talking.
As I drove away, they waved at me.
I saw them as Jesus sees them - His sheep, my family! Thank you, Jesus! Please let me be looking for the good in others, instead of faults!!

Here are the baskets I made for Easter. I have decided to stop just getting "stuff" for people. These baskets have flower seeds, flower stepping stones, everything can be placed in the garden. The local dollar store had a bunch. This basket had a "butterfly" theme. The one I gave to the lady I work with had bees. For the students I found pinwheels, nice ones, at the dollar store. They loved them. All the way to work I prayed over them, that when they say the wind move it - the spirit of God would move in their lives, and they would know always that He is!!!

Happy Easter!
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Ranch wife said...

Those are beautiful! You are so talented. What a neat thing with those young men. I have always loved the way you desire to be used of the Lord. Hope you are better.
Love ya

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