Mar 31, 2008

Let him who has eyes see....

I find joy in seeing things, simple things. My flowers coming up in the beds outside. Eagles soaring overhead. In the morning and evenings, the Canadian geese fly out to start their little homes. When they fly by our house, they fly even with the back deck. It's so quiet except for their honking - I find joy in that. Lastly a simply joy is being able to read God's word.

DH took this of my eyes a while back, not sure why. But when I saw it today, I thought of all that God reveals to me through seeing his world.
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Sara said...

You have beautiful eye's that is why he took the picture!
Wonderful post. I needed to read that today. The last 2 days have been...interesting for lack of better words. I only have one more load of clothes drying, and then I need to put the clean sheets on my bed.. and then I can sit!
Whew! I am beat, need to post, and am just to tired. :)
Love ya,

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