Apr 1, 2008

April Fools

Well, it's April 1st and it's snowing, cold, and dreary. A perfect April Fools day. It's our spring break, I did laundry all day, had planned to paint the trim on the doors and clean out flower beds, but the dampness changed that plan. DS is at the ranch working, DH is at work - it's just the dogs, Liza and I. I have had the fire going most of the day, and didn't shut the pellet stove off. Yes, it's that cold! Friday is supposed to be better! We need the moisture, we always need the moisture - no complaining!
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Ranch wife said...

I'll trade you. It is windy and the dirt is blowing. At least you don't have dirt. I am so tired of cleaning out window seals, and sweeping the kitchen floor. This house leaks and dirt just comes in everywhere. Spring here is just gross. Shouldn't be whining but......
Have a great day.

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