Apr 2, 2008

Spring is trying to get here.....

The bulbs are trying to come up. This is the west-side flower bed - it gets lots of sun. I have planted all kinds of things in here, the tulips and flags are coming up good.
Here's the flat stone fire pit we started last summer. We hope to finish and go around that tree. My nephew made me a bench to sit under the tree. Dh brought home that antique wood stove in the background. It's really pretty neat, has a wildlife scene on it, we're going to put it with the fire pit - somehow!
My garden spot. It's still way too early to plant, but I love to think about it anyway. My blackberries and raspberries aren't anywhere near ready to get going........so, I must be patient and wait. . I am so thankful for warmer days! Dh and a friend built the fence for DD's wedding - I love it.

The dogs and I walked, then I cleaned some flower beds, (need to clean ALL of them); and then sat and watched the dogs play. For some reason, I have a horrible back ache on my left side and a bad headache - kidney infection(?). I am trying to self medicate it without going to the dr but may end up having too. It's not going away. Please pray that it does - I will go in tomorrow if it's not better. This is my spring break and I have a mile long list of spring chores to get done, I'm not getting much crossed off the list!

My simple joy today is being able to enjoy a beautiful, blue sky day!
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Ranch wife said...

That all looks so pretty. My grass is greening up, and some flowers are starting to come up. Can't wait!
Sounds like a kidney infection...better get it taken care of. I had that one last summer, and I have never been so sick. It was awful.
Heading to Dimmitt tomorrow, Lord willing. I think it will be fun.
Simple pleasure today...going up to the local Italian cafe, and having supper with Buck.
Love ya,

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