Apr 3, 2008

Tough Enough To Wear Pink

Here's a rock in Josh's flower bed. The bed goes around his tree -it's all in his memory. In the flower bed all kinds of pink flowers are planted. The tree is a sugar maple that turns red in the fall - the red is for his hair. The lantern was hung at his sister's wedding, we had his rodeo chaps, hat, and yellow roses with it. All these are to remember him.

My Joshy loved pink. He rodeo'd in pink. He did this before it was "cool" to do so. He endured lots of teasing, some not so friendly. He didn't care, he liked the way it looked. His chaps were black and hot pink metallic, which he had to beg my dad to make him. Most all of his rodeo shirts were hot pink, but all some pink in them. He wanted to order a palm leaf hat with the pink stitching, and bronc riding boots with pink on them.

Here he is, in all his pink glory. Doesn't look too bad does it? He was definately "tough enough to wear pink!" And I miss him so.........
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Ranch wife said...

Hang on dear sister, soon you will behold the face of our Lord, and that of your beloved son.
Love you

Paula Yaussi said...

I'm Paula from Udall, Kansas. I've clicked on Ranch Wife, and many others today as I sit while my little ones nap. I have fallen completely in love with you women!

I feel like I've been listening in on precious conversation, but so glad I did!

The tree, the garden, the sentiment are so lovely.

Countrygirl said...

Ranch wife - Yes it will be wonderful!

Paula - welcome, jump in anytime! This internet can be fun, meeting up with folks and visiting. Thanks for the kind comments.

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