Apr 10, 2008

Turkey Trot?

Wow, what a beauty! I work in a one-room, country school - you'd think those kids would have seen a wild turkey before. Nope, only a few of them have ever seen one in the wild. That blows me away! So.......when I spied him this morning, I whipped the car over, (thankfully I was the only one on the road) and tried to get a good picture of him.
He was trotting down the pasture by the river, when I pulled over to take his picture - away he went!

We are getting snow flurries, small (very small compared to the southwest) hail, and then sunshine. I am ready for warm, sunny days! We also have been getting wind - lots of it and from every direction. Spring!

My mom has surgery Monday, her para-thyroid will be taken out. Dh and I plan to go and sit with Dad at the hospital in Boise, ID. It's close to our anniversary (26 years); and so we'll go out for a nice dinner. Also, something very fun is coming Saturday - we are being treated to a "gourmet dinner" and then a Utah Jazz game. Our neighbors are treating us - should be fun! The only "pro" anything I've ever been to is rodeo. I don't know any of the players, but oh well.........maybe I will after the game. Ha!

Please keep my mom, Gramma, and me in your prayers. I am still trying to get over this infection. Gramma is not doing well, she's on O2 now, sounds awful but says she does feel better, and mom for her surgery.

Love in Jesus
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Ranch wife said...

Ok stupid question, what is a Utah Jazz game? Snowing, wow. All we get is wind and more wind. Cute turkey picture. I have been trying to get so pictures of quail that have been coming up in the yard, it is the only thing green for miles. Will be praying for yall.
Love Ya,

Countrygirl said...

Hey! Well, Utah Jazz is a professional basketball team located in SLC, UT. I started watching them when Carl Malone and John Stockton played for them, when they retired or left I quit. But it should be fun. We will come from SLC, and then head to Boise Sunday night. Woohoo!!!

Ranch wife said...

Ok, now I feel totally dumb. You can tell that I am a sports fan. Ha I hope yall have a wonderful time, celebrating your anniversary. 25 years is noting to sneeze at. We are close behind you. It will be 25 for us in December.
Will be praying for your, your mom and your grandmother.
Love ya

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