Mar 28, 2008

These Hands.......

Today's simple joy:
These are the hands of my husband! They have provided a living for us for the last 26 years, I have never seen them refuse to do any type of work because it was too hard or below him. Today, he helped me pick up the trash in the horse pastures, from a house being built down the road. These hands hold tiny babies, wipe tears from my eyes, buy me a diet coke, gave away our daughter, hold the Bible, write checks for bills, disciplined our children, help me to decorate Josh's cross, pull weeds, rope, doctored many calves, plant gardens, throw and catch footballs and basketballs, coached hundreds of little children, welcome others, hold us all, shook two days ago when he was given a prestigious safety award at work, and lastly these hands show Jesus to the world. I love these hands!
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