Mar 27, 2008

Spring is coming ll

I love the intricate, almost plastic looking blossoms on my Hoya plant. They smell fresh, DH thinks they smell bad - it's a very sweet - almost too sweet smell. I think they are amazing.
Liza - my sweet mare. She asks for little, green grass is the highlight of her day! The wind that blows thru her mane reminds me of the Holy Spirit who comforts me.
God's beauty is all around us! We just need to look! This was under the sage, on the side of a very muddy road that the dogs and I walked down. Had I not been looking I would have missed it - alot like that still, small voice - if you're not listening, you'll never hear it.
Meadowlarks - soon every morning I will hear them right as the sun comes up. They are so cheerful and happy, sometimes it's a lonely sound. While walking today, I saw this treasure - he kept flying from post to post in front of me.

My family brings me great joy. I miss DS so much when he's gone, he called a while ago. It's wonderful to hear his voice, he will always be my baby, even at 6'4" and 16. DD called too, she's had a trying week and took the day off; knowing that she loves the Lord calms my "motherly" urge to just go out there and make everything "all better". Jesus is with her in all her trials and triumphs! Also, knowing she's married a Christian is soothing, I prayed for each of them to marry the one God had for them.
DH has been my best friend, it's not always peachy - but it is always wrapped in the love of Jesus. We have come thru some wonderful times, and the hardest times of my life. God has always been there with us, guiding our way, keeping us strong, fighting the unseen forces, and showing us His love. DH is my sounding board, my partner, and the true love of my life.

So, these are a few of the things that I find joy in.
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