Mar 27, 2008

Spring is coming!

My good friend Ranchwife suggested we find the simple things that bring us joy! So I will start here.
I love spring! I love the new babies, the new growth, the freshness of it all! Jesus gave us all new life, new chances, a new white, pure, robe! That's the main reason I love spring.

Here's my lilac bush starting to bud out. It's a beautiful - white as snow - bush. DH bought me 3 of them for Mother's Day several years ago.

I love puppies! Billy is such a sweet 'little' guy. He's full of trust and energy. DS is gone to Reno for FFA - he's in Ag Mechanics and Poultry contests. Quite a combination, but that is another story! Ha! Anyway, so Billy is really missing his boy. He's been a good guy though, he sleeps in our room on David's side, on the pillow sham that goes on top of the bed.

I love daffodils! The bright yellow reminds me of "THE SON". They smell so good too.
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Ranch wife said...

Ah that was great! I love the pictures. What kind of camera do you have? Mine just quit on I am in the market. Don't want anything to complicated. I just don't like having to read the manuel over and over. Ha Ha
Thanks for the post.
love ya

Countrygirl said...

Ranch wife
Thanks! I have a Kodak EasyShare Z270. I like it but don't know if I'd buy another one. My SIL got a canon and she loves it, it takes much better action than mine does. This one is great for still pictures and slower moving things, it has a pretty good zoom, the colors turn out. What kind did you have?

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