Mar 9, 2008

Walking between the flurries

It's getting warmer - you can see patches of the land - and it's muddy. Typical weather for March. Today we had snow flurries all day, first from the north, then sunshine, then from the south with a wind. But, it's just flurries
and it's not -20 outside so we'll not complain.
If you look under that hole in the clouds and out towards that far mountain, that's where the ranch is that Kaleb works on. We wondered while we were walking, was he working in the snow? or rain? or was the sun shining out there? Way out there, takes him about an hour - it's about 15 miles past the school that I work at. He loves it - no matter what they do. His favorite is doctoring cattle - (he's gets that from his parents. We loved to doctor on pasture - you get to rope them!) Then he likes messing with the tractors, diesel engines, all that mechanic stuff. They also deloused cows, the warmer weather has been noticed by all the bugs, too.

Now it's sunny for him and starting to snow here, hope he stays warm. Here, you have to dress in many layers, it's okay to get warm because you can just peel them off. But if you're cold - that's a miserable way to be. Now, the only problem with layers and Kaleb are - when he starts peeling them off, he just lays them where he takes them off. He took Dad's brand new (pretty, silk, copper colored) wild rag, and left it in the work truck!

PS He stayed pretty warm - but his feet got cold. When he came home about 8pm (dead tired) he said, "I love this - working so hard my body hurts." Having been his age once, on a ranch - I completely understand and miss it so much that it makes me almost sick. But the good Lord has taken us in a different direction, and I will ".... bloom where I am planted!"
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Ranch wife said...

I am so glad he has that job. It will be good for him. Seems like there is noting like the great outdoors to ease a mind, and settle your spirits. I just hate winter. I get really down, not being able to be out and about. If I had to live somewhere that there was snow on the ground all winter long, I think I would go crazy. At least we never get that cold. But everything here is just ugly and brown and dead looking. The only green are the wheat fields up and down the valley, and those are 3o minutes away. But I did notice that my Elm trees are putting out little buds and the grass up close to the house is showing a tad of green. Can't wait for the flowers to show up!
Love ya

Countrygirl said...

Me either. My daffodils are showing thru as well as some tulips. I am ready for summer to get here. This has been a LONG winter for us, but spring's looking pretty fine!
How was the Lubbock trip?

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