Apr 24, 2008

April Showers bring ........

Brrrrr.......................it's a cold day. I keep wearing spring clothes to work, hoping it will make it feel more like spring, but so far I just freeze. Ha! Today we had snow, wind, snow, snow, freezing wind, and the sunshine this afternoon.

No one can turn out their cows because there's no grass growing yet. We need some nice long rains, then some warmer days.

God blessed us with a pretty good rain Wednesday night. It smelled so fresh when I got up.

Ds and I are driving up the canyon to see the Bighorn sheep. Dh and I saw them Saturday, but we didnt' have a camera. I love to see them, also the mountain goats are up there but we couldn't find any. One time we saw over 60.

Hopefully I will post later with some sheep and goat pictures.

May the good Lord take a likin' to ya'.
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Ranch wife said...

Ahh I want to come and see you. It is almost torture having to look at those pictures and then looking out my window, where the wind and the sand is swirling by.
We are having such a hard spring. The cows aren't doing well and neither are the calves. Buck, Sara and Nathan just drove off to gather a prolapse. He has had several, and found a dead calf in the pasture the other day. A lot of sickness. We lost 2 milk pen calves, and one has a foot in the grave, but Buck thinks he may pull through.

I have to remind myself that God is on control.

Those were so pretty, I just love pictures.

Have a great day

Paula Yaussi said...

What a view! The one with the great pose just wanted to make your day!

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