Apr 22, 2008

These colors don't run.....

I love our flag! I love our country, even with all the problems we have - we still live in a great country. "One nation under God..", "let freedom ring....", etc. All those songs bring joy and pride to me. We are still the United States of America, we are still a free country, we are still part of this one nation under God, and we will be until we sit by and let those who don't want "God" in our country change things.

Where we live we get a news channel out of San Fransisco, it's a little scary. When we were there for a youth conference two years ago, some of those protestors hated us. Why, because we are Christian - to them, it means we have no tolerance! Yet they were the ones spreading hate and ranting against us! It was a wake up call. It's okay for them to be "intolerant" but for us to follow the word of God is "wrong" in their opinion. Our youth group was the one handing out blankets and food to the "unlovable, drug addicts, mentally insane". Spewing back hate would not have done anything except prove to them, they were right. We had to take the high road, pray for them, and hope that one day they would see the truth.

..."but I say to you, love your enemies, do good to those you hurt you. Bless those who curse you and do good to those who spitefully use you." Luke 6:26 -27

We really are "Jesus" to the unsaved world and so we must act like Him, in all we do, for sometimes we are the only Bible they will see.

May the good Lord take a likin' to ya'.
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Ranch wife said...

Amen sister. I love our country as well. It saddens me to see all that is taken place in it. Especially the tide that is turning against Christianty. Scary, but it is to be expected, in the last days. But how sad to see how far we have fallen. But our confidence in is Him, not in who sits in our White house. But how we need to be praying for that person, and all the leaders. The Lord promises if a nation would but turn back to Him He would heal their land. But if we don't, His will judge.
Love ya

Paula Yaussi said...

THEN . . . you have so-called Christians like our lovely church from Kansas that pickets soldier funerals and you think . . . No Wonder! It only takes one bad apple to make the whole bushel smell!

A life lived out honoring God for all to see is far more powerful than any protest!

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