Apr 26, 2008

Happy 24th Birthday Joshua (4)

April 25th, 1984 God brought us this wonderful blessing. He entered the world 5 weeks overdue. He left this world way too soon. He was here for such a short time and yet he touched so many lives. He was an overcoming Child of God. He is my absolutely terrific son! He is the reason I smile thru my tears. He is saved. And now sweet Joshua is with Jesus - waiting for the rest of us.

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Paula Yaussi said...

Sweet Sister - The pain you've experienced is nothing I can fathom but know that as I read about your precious child, I shed tears with you.

If we never meet in person, I'll look for you in eternity and you can introduce me to him!

Countrygirl said...

Thank you, won't it be a celebration when we all get there? We miss him SO MUCH, God's grace sees us thru, without Jesus's love I truly don't know how we would get thru this.

Ranch wife said...

Cindi,I am praying for the Lords blessings and peace for all of you today. Our peace and promise is that this world isn't our home. Our home is with our Lord and the loved ones that are already there.
I just can't wait sometimes to see them all.
I think of Josh, he had to be one of the cutest kids I ever saw. I will never forget we hadn't known yall very long and Jen threw up on him in Sunday school. He was such a little gentleman about it all. And he was so concerned for her instead of worrying about himself.
I have a picture of him when we went camping in Colorado all those years ago. Nathan was just a baby..remember... Josh was holding him and they are both looking in the camera just grinning. He loved babies and little kids. He truly was and is a special young man. You and David, Kaleb and Davida are on my prayers this evening.
Love all of you,

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