Apr 17, 2008

His timing

When my littlest entered 2nd grade, he needed a good friend. God brought him K! K was half ds's size, almost a year younger, but....they were two peas in a pod. K was also a little cowboy, also wore glasses, and tough as nails. DS led K to the Lord on our trampoline. He had been to our church and loved it, but they wouldn't let him go very often. K's family soon became close to our family.
After several years, God revealed some serious problems to me - K's mom was hooked on prescription pain pills, and his dad had some severe drinking and anger issues, it was as if the devil knew I was praying for them for they started staying away from us. They were very hard on him and his sister, he was punished for things he had no control over. One time around Christmas I called and K was home alone - his family was in Utah, it was a blizzard and our power was out. I told him, "I am coming to get you - I'll call your folks to let them know."
We were decorating our tree, when he just started crying. He asked if we could talk in private - so he told me about his dad's drinking and anger. He then said but his dad wasn't the only problem - when I said yes, your mom is on pills. He about flipped. We all prayed for him, his family, and for them to get saved. In a weeks time, the mom was being arrested and jailed for domestic violence; the grandparents came and it was just a huge, HUGE mess. They found out I knew about their problems and were furious with K until the arrest - K calls me crying, "My momma's gonna drive and she's all messed up! My dad kicked her out! She took a whole month's worth of pills at one time!" So then they had to deal with some of the problems. I prayed with them, they entered court appointed counseling - family, drug, alcohol, and anger. Things "seemed" better. His dad hurt his back, was put on disability and they moved to Utah.
While there, some old issues of dad's came up, he was arrested and jailed for domestic violence against his parents - it was another big fiasco.
We put them on prayer lists, praying constantly for them. The dad went to prison, the kids became alienated from their grandparents, and us.
Well, they joined a LDS church in Utah, who really helped them out financially. Although the dad couldn't join - he was a prisoner and had to wait until he was paroled. We continued to pray for them, just gave it all to God because nothing I said or did would change things.
Well............to end this long story, a few months ago the mom called me and said they'd went to a Baptist revival and got saved!!! K told them, this is like Cindi's church - this is right! I just sat and cried! Last night she emailed me, she said she never understood how I could be so calm about Josh's death but now she understands! She knows she's going to Heaven and she will see Josh too. These are the things that break my heart and then fill it up with so much love and joy it feels like it will burst. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!


cottonpicker said...

What a testament of His faithfulness for your faithfulness!! It seems the longer the road, the bigger the party when we finally arrive. Hope someday to meet you - Ranch Wife thinks a great deal of your family!

Sara said...

Wow, isn't God good! You are such a prayer warrior, thank you for doing the ministry that the Lord has called you to do. It is so much needed, and so hard to be consistant at.
Love ya

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