Apr 15, 2008

Meet the folks Jim & Annie Lou

Here's my dad, the cowboy turned saddle maker!
Mom, she doesn't like this picture. She retired 2 years ago and loves it.

When you are still dancing after all this time, you gotta be doing something right!
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Ranch wife said...

That picture of your mom and dad dancing is priceless. What a wonderful testimony of true love and marriage...47 years.
You are so blessed to have your folks still together and still in love. What I wouldn't give if it were so in my family...but the past is the past.
I hope that Buck and I can be that same kind of testimony to our kids as your mom and dad are to you.
Love ya

Paula Yaussi said...

Amen - they are a lovely couple. Looks like you come from Good Stuff!

Paula in Udall

Countrygirl said...

I used to think we were poor, maybe in the world's eyes we were. Now we had excellent horses then, ranch horses, but they carried us to many finals. We lived so far from town, were never involved in anything outside of rodeo, ropings etc. I realize I was blessed beyond measure! I could ride without opening a gate, I had parents who loved each other and me, I had grandparents who did the same, and somewhere I had someone praying for my salvation! Riches beyond my wildest imagination.

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Good morning! I found your blog from a link at Ranch Wife's musings. What a fantabulous mustachio your Daddy has! I haven't seen anything like that in a long time; it's wonderful! Your Mamma is a beautiful lady, and the photo of them together is heart-warming.
May God's Blessings remain upon all of you.

Countrygirl said...

Howdy Pat! Welcome. Yea my parents are 'some pretty good people!' I love the picture of them dancing too. We grew up dancing, mostly rodeo dances but I have great memories of it. Dh hates to dance, but he does at weddings. Ha!

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