Apr 15, 2008

Whirlwind of a weekend!

Wow! It's Tuesday? I am still back at Saturday, waiting to get some sleep. Ha! We had a wonderful time at the Utah Jazz game. We were in a private room, catered with ribs, b-b-q chicken, veggies, salad, really fancy desserts, etc. etc. We were able to go and watch both teams warm up, our seats were pretty good. It was a long game - close in 2 quarters and blow out in the other two. But........all in all, it was a great time. Meeting our hosts family was another blessing as well. It's about 3-4 hours from our house. We laid our sweet little heads down around 2am, got up to feed and it started all over again. Ds has found a 4wdrive pickup, he has a small Dodge that didn't do so great in the snow and ice. So he and dh went to check it out......"it's cool, mom. Has a winch, I could pull myself out when I get stuck. It's in really good condition! Hardely any rust." So he has to continue praying about it, the first price they gave him was way too much, but they dropped it in half, so he can probably get it. Then we headed from Boise, another 4 hours from here. DS stayed home to feed and go to school. We got in and had supper with my folks. Mom needed to eat a big supper as we didn't know when she'd get to eat again. We then went to our hotels and rested. Because it's our 26th coming up tomorrow - we got a room with a huge jacuzzi tub. (That's on our wish list, we have always wanted one but we want the big two person one.) Anyway, we had a nice, quiet and restful night, got up ate breakfast and then went to the hospital. Mom had a thyroidectomy - her body was producing dangerous amounts of calcium - she went in at 10am and finally got out at 8pm. They took out the parathyroid that was causing the problem - her calcium levels dropped 84 points! Praise God!
I am so thankful we were able to go, my dad - the ol' cowboy, gets so nervous when Mom's having any trouble. Several years ago she had a simple procedure and ending up with an anuresm (sp). That gave us all a good scare. So dh and I just sat with him for hours, we'd walk around, made him eat, talked mostly. He was pretty good, but when she came out okay he was very relieved - it's very heartwarming to know they still love each other after almost 47 years (on the 24th). When we left about 8pm last night to drive home, we both felt like maybe we should stay another night - but left it in God's able hands. All went well, and they are home today.
We did go to our favorite eating place in Boise - Kyoto's, a Japenese steak house. It's so good!!!!!!!!! When we were done, the owner came over and was asking where we were from - I told her Nevada. She hugged me and said thanks for coming, when I told her we always go when we're in Boise - she gave me a shoulder massage! "You have the strongest shoulders I have ever seen on a girl!" Ha! I do love to lift weights!
Anyway, it was a relaxing end to a stressful day. We drove home in awful winds across open range, saw 3 horses but no cows or calves were on the road. We got home around midnight.
I thank the Lord and my sweet Jesus that I don't worry about things much anymore. There is nothing I can do but pray. Hard times have "refined me" and I know that no matter what happens, God is my God and Jesus is my Savior and the Holy Spirit lives within me. That He provides for all my needs, and many of my wants, that He loves me.

I also thank Him for my old friends, and the new ones He brings into my life.


Paula Yaussi said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. It is nice to get away. It looks like you and DH have had a good example of what a long, lasting love looks like!

Is it warmer today?

Ranch wife said...

So glad your mom is doing better. Your poor dad, I hate it that he had to worry, but what a sweet sweet thing that he does. Sounds like you and DH had a great time. It is so nice that yall got to do that. You know it is true about the "worrying". I still have my moments, satan like to jab me every so often. But for the most part I am learning everyday to place it in the capable hands of the Lord.
Love ya

Countrygirl said...

paula, It was good, and we needed it. Sometimes we get so busy with everything else we forget to just enjoy each other.

Talked with Mom tonight, she's soundin' so much better. She feels better and says she can eat again.
I was a worrier, not sure when it changed but God's been very good to me in that He took that away. I still wonder and sometimes get anxious but mostly I pray. You are right, His hands are much more capable than ours!

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