Apr 30, 2008

Weather for all seasons

Look in the bottom right corner - see the snow at the bottom of the boots? Yup, it snowed today - then the wind blew it to Utah. It got several of my Columbine's. But it doesn't look like the lilacs or tulips are done in, yet. We are supposed to get snow thru the weekend.

So many colors in the sky tonite.
Here's the snow clouds, moving around the mountain. We had snow flurries off and on, not sure any of the moisture got into the ground. It was about 30 tonite, when I got out of class. I took a "How To Spot Bogus Websites" class. Very interesting.
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Ranch wife said...

Can you believe this weather? Snow, wow. It is just crazy, running from one extreme to another. Stay warm and put a sweater on those flowers!

Paula Yaussi said...

Brrrrr! Have you been on your computer this morning looking for bogus websites? What did you find?

Countrygirl said...

Today we haven't had much snow but the wind is freezin'. The wind.....the wind.....oh well, it does get my clothes dried faster on the line! Right!?

We learned that some sites with a tilde (~), and/or the word "user" in the address are personal sites. It was amazing how realistic some of the fake sites are - on one, you right click (to check the authenticity) and "April Fool's" pops up.

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