May 1, 2008


Caught in the act, on the white leather couch (dh picked them out but that's another story). Billy, 5 month old German Shepherd puppy, has injured one of the pads on his paw. We are doctoring him, he can't go for walks except on grass (which we don't have yet because it's been too cold). And when it's wet outside he can't go out. It was snowing this day, so he stayed inside. They aren't supposed to be on the couch - but since he's been on the injured list he's taken over the house. This day he was inside while we were at school - 5 hours until ds gets home - they were resting the whole time. Pistol thinks he's as big as Billy - Billy thinks he's as small as Pistol! They are quite a pair!
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Ranch wife said...

This picture tickled me. Taylors dog, Rambo, the Doberman that thinks he is a poodle. Well he has a huge bed in Taylors room, and that is where he starts his night. Sometime between 10 and 6 in the morning, he likes to sprawl out on the couch.I catch him and he knows he is trouble. He slinks down, and hangs his head and tries to hide behind the recliner.I have just started to put an old blanket on it at night. Just easier that way.

Have a great day.

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