May 18, 2008

A perfect Sunday

Sometimes I think we need to step out of the church building and enjoy the creation around us. Well sounds good anyway, right?

We got a call to help brand out where ds is working and being the sort of folks who always want to help out our fellow man - and we hadn't branded out there yet - we went.

DH hopped on and got two first thing. He hasn't ridden for several years because of a broken back and neck - but he fell right back into it. It was heartwarming to see him doing what he truly loves again, there was a time when I wondered if he'd ever be able to. God's timing.............

Here's ds - ground crew. He was horseback for the first round, he's one of the younger ones so he usually is on the ground - but he likes it! Not sure where his chinks and straw hat went?! My saddle that he's using just isn't long enough - poor kid! Has 2 short parents! Not really, he's just over 6'3 and we are both about 5'9 - on a good day. Ha!

It was a beautiful day, just enough breeze to keep the branding fire out of our eyes. Wasn't too hot and the cattle worked pretty easy.

Here's God's paintbrush at work again - the perfect end to the perfect day!
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Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Another gorgeous sky shot, m'dear! As well as an interesting post about branding. Hope you have a great week.

Ranch wife said...

I am glad that yall got to go do that. I know that you and David miss the life.
Great pictures. I thought that NM had the most beautiful sunsets of anywhere in the world. But I may have to give Nevada credit. Yall may have us beat. WoW!

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