May 21, 2008

Record high to lows

Rained some in the night, this was this mornings sunrise, everything is getting green. We had 91 Tuesday, tonight it's supposed to be 29.
Look at all those babies! And two more swan off so Daddy (or Mommy) took off after them.
I love quail. Two years ago they would come up to our garage, but I haven't seen them that close for a while. We had chucker that year too.

Have a great day! Last night one of our 3rd graders won a writing award, so I went to her ceremony. She wrote a very good poem and ended up 2nd in her grade. They had over 600 entries. We had 6 published - for 11 kids in the school I think that's good! It's Wednesday, only 2 more work days this week, and 4 next. Summer is coming!!!!
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Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Oh, I love that quail! His/her head is turned just right to capture the little head feathers (I don't know what they're called.)
Cute, cute, cute! We used to have quail in our alfalfa fields. My daddy wouldn't let folks hunt them, even when they asked pretty-please! He was probably worried about stray shot, rather than protecting the quail but -- whatever! We kids were really glad. I loved to see the parents trundling across the track that led to our house, followed by the little ones!

Ranch Kid said...

When we first moved here there were quail everywhere. During quail season Buck spent a lot of time running off hunters here at the house. They had a lot of nerve. They were too lazy to go out and walk and find them, these house birds were just to handy.
Anyway after 7 years of drought the numbers fell way off. Just last year they have started to come back. I love watching them.
We have the blue quail varity here.

Brazle's said...

I love that sky picture. It makes me think of the song...How Great is our God. God Bless that big Open Sky Country!

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