Jun 12, 2008

Don't spray the welding man

(Leanna's shocking post reminded me of this story.)

We are putting 4 1/2 inch drill steel pipe around our place. It's heavy and it's hard to weld on.
Also, here in the high desert we have drought about 8-10 months of the year. We can only weld a short time. That being said.......I will get on with the story.
We have a water hose hooked up and ready to fight fire anytime we do anything here. When we are cutting the pipe, welding, digging post holes, etc. When dh is cutting I am manned and ready with the hose. If a fire breaks out - I spray it and stomp it out. Well one day when we were welding, he started a fire. I sprayed him just like I do when he's cutting. (Okay, now maybe most of you realize that a welder has an electric current! I forgot one day and blessed my honey with quite a buzz!)
Yes, I am blonde, yes it is natural and yes (at times) I have been called a dumb blonde.
Well this was definately one of those times. He kind of danced, shook, vibrated(?) and then he threw the helmet off and glared at me with a very evil, mean, firey look. I didn't know why so I smiled at him - when he could finally feel his body again he moved toward me and when his blood pressure went down a bit.
"My arms are numb!" he shouted over the welder.
"Why?" I quip in sweet wifely fashion.
"Because you just shocked the piss(sorry, but I am going word for word here) out of me, and it hurts like hect!" he fumes.
"I did? How?" innocence oozing from my naive lips.
"This welder is electric! You just got me with 120V!" he said as calmly as he could, through very clenched teeth.
I didn't mean too, but I started laughing. Even thinking about it now, it makes me start to giggle. I don't know why, but it just does. I apologized and apologized for days, I honestly didn't know it would shock him. (I think it was so scary that I reacted in the only way I could short of crying - yeah right!)
Now, because of that one little mistake - he always gives me "the look" when I have hose in hand while he's welding. Needless to say, I wear the auto darkening helmet when I weld so I can keep one of my eyes on him and the water hose.

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'


Brazle's said...

oh my gosh...the visual I had with that story is too funny! Don't tell your poor hubby I've laughed...keep it our secret! That is something else! Great story...only because he wasn't badly injured!

Ranch wife said...

Oh My I never knew you were a husband abuser and I have know you for how many years????? I did have a chuckle over it though. Ah..poor D.

LeAnna said...

Oh. my. word. I laughed and laughed, only because I could see myself doing that too!!! hahaha! Poor guy, I'm sure he didn't (and doesn't) appreciate that, but good lord, that's hilarious. I don't blame you for still getting a chuckle out of it, every time the word hot shot is used within 10 miles my husband doesn't mind belting out a good laugh...
What is it about us blondes that think something sounds like a good idea, until we try it? I am so proud of myself, a few months ago (when we had a cat in the house) I was sooooo tempted to stick the cat in the toilet and flush it, just to see what he did. I know, I know- that's just wrong, but honest to goodness I had a strange fascination with the idea and thought it would be great. However, I decided against it, because be it MY luck the cat would get caught in the pee-trap and drown and then my husband would have to fish a wet cat out of the toilet.
That's what happens when I get left at home too long. :P I'm glad you shared your experience though! It's likely that I'll remember it forever, and who knows it might come in handy and my husband will thank you one day. *grin*

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