Jun 11, 2008


Last night's sunset.
DS branding on Waldo. He's loving his job; which now includes being a mule skinner. He is breaking in a mule - or maybe it's breaking him in! It's thrown him twice. He said the next one 18.5 hands tall. Wow! He's never been rode at all. He's also getting pretty good with the rope, needs a longer one he informed me Sunday. I sure miss him but what a great time he's having. They are working from daylight to past sundown; seems like they're always a week behind. There's another kid staying in the bunk house for a few weeks; when I asked how it was going - ds said, "Great, cause I'm the only one that can cook - and I am a good cook!" He's a funny kid.

DS again, gathering to brand - it's been cool. Even this week it's chilly, but tomorrow is supposed to get 70+.

Hope so, Friday a crew is coming to put on our new roof. Dh is on the house as we speak - stripping shingles. Yuck! We took one load to the dump this morning and it was $18; we probably have at least 2 more to go.
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Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

You've changed the look of your blog since my last visit. Nice. I continue to enjoy your posts, whatever you're talking about, and your photos. Love that sunset! Arkansas has nice sunsets, but nothing like the stunners we used to see in NM. There's just something about the western skies!
Your DS seems like a particularly likeable young man; I know you must be proud of him. Not many 16 yr olds would brag about being a good cook! Way to go, young man!

Ranch wife said...

I am so glad that DS is getting the chance to go out there and work. What a great experience for him. My DS is very very jealous. He is about ready to quit this dry hot country, and go somewhere that there is something to look at. Ha Ha
Hang in there, he will be home before you know it.
Tell DH not to fall off the roof! He is to old to bounce..ha ha ha

Love ya

RanchGirl said...

My goodness, ya'll sure have some pretty country! I better not show John your pictures! :)

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