Jun 10, 2008

A windy day to come.......

This is around 5:10 this morning. It looks like we'll have another windy day.

Elko Mountain - I like how the sun is just getting the mountain in the next two pictures.
I couldn't paint yesterday - too much wind - doesn't look like I'll get there this morning; but maybe it'll die down later.

Ds has all the shingles off the roof so we are hoping no rain until we can get it covered! Yikes!
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RanchGirl said...

Such pretty pictures! :) My party went pretty good-that day it wasn't as hot, so it wasn't too bad in the house. My fondue was a bust, but that was my own fault for not trying it out beforehand. ;) We just hung out and watched a movie, and then gave Judy her gifts. It turned out nice I think. :)

Paula Yaussi said...

Your view is incredible!



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