Jun 8, 2008

Warm ending to a cold week

This was yesterday evening - beautiful! Around 66 degrees but that's so much better than 40!
The sunset is tonite - right now in fact. It's so clear and pretty outside. Today was another 68 degree day. Blue skies above - it was very nice. Dh started stripping the shingles off to put the steel roof on. It's gonna be so much work! Oh well............it will never need done again...it will never need done again.......it will never need done again!
The bottom picture is Pistol. He went with us to pick up the shingles in Idaho. He really liked to ride in the car until about a year and a half ago - we got rear-ended. Now he goes but only because he's really bored at home or lonely! Ha! He got a McNugget Happy Meal out of the deal - the chicken is all he ate, maybe that's why he goes! Ha!

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!
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LeAnna said...

Cute pup, is he a yorkie or a silky terrier? I would go on a road trip if I got chicken nuggets, too. :P Glad ya'll have "warmed" up ;) We're fixing to head to colorado and the end of next week and I saw online that they still have lows around 30 at night, with highs in the 70's. I can't wait! It'll be the spring we didn't exactly get this year. I've gotta prepare myself for the sweltering heat I'm going to experience when I go visit Jennifer next month...haha...
Be blessed this week!

Paula Yaussi said...

Hello Friend - 68 degrees is heavenly! I am glad you are experiencing a warm up! The K's and I were reading your blog and they saw your fireplace and said, make the fire, Mama - it was 95 outside and I had the A/C on!

Keep the beautiful pictures coming! I love them!

Brazle's said...

You really should do a Book...on beautiful scenery. I can see it now, a great coffee table book. I'm so happy it's warming up for you, we're actually quite cool today at 60 and soggy...yep more rain, about another 2 1/2 inches since last night. We're starting to get pruny around here. Let the Good Lord send the sunshine!

Countrygirl said...

leanna - he's a yorkie. My sweet hubby gave him to me almost 5 years ago, he's a wonderful little guy.

Paula - tell the K's they need to come to Nevada, you can almost have a fire year round here, somewhere.
brazle - thanks. I love the mountains, ya'll stay dry. What happened with your daddy's wheat?

Brazle's said...

We are trying to dry up...I listened to the wind all night and woke up to nice gusts. This is good for farmers...bring on a little sunshine today and there will be some combines givin' it a whirl. Dad's wheat...some is down...some is still up. will be headed down to help when it begins and get some good ol harvest pics. Thanks for asking! Keep us in prayer as we have good chances for storms all week.

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