Jun 2, 2008

Fog in the Valley

This is what I woke up to this morning. These are taken around 5:30. The sun was coming up and there was misty fog everywhere.

It rained yesterday afternoon, which was nice. We have so many projects to work on - but since it rained we just relaxed.

School is out!!!! Yeah!

DS moved out to his ranch job this morning. I will miss him so much, he was excited but sad too. We aren't like most 16 year old son/momma's, we are very close and I definately be missing him.

Last week we went to Idaho and ordered the tin for our roof. Wow! It will be lots of work, but when we are done - we will never have to replace it again. I was looking at dark green, but the owner told me the darker colors fade. So.......we decided on a color called stone. It's a light sand color. It will match the river rock that is on the bottom of the house.
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Brazle's said...

WOW! You truly have the best scenery to enjoy every day! What a blessing. I'm a scenery nut. I so enjoy seeing the picture's God paints for us to enjoy every day. This morning I saw a beautiful sunrise cluttered up with electrical lines and town...but still beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing and Praise the Lord for the rain!!

Paula Yaussi said...

Beautiful! I agree with Les - your scenery is fantastic! I woke up to birds chirping and the view of turning wheat. Praying no more hail comes our way! Enjoy your lazy day . . .there is always a project somewhere!

May the Good Lord keep your baby safe!

Hey, I want more info. on what type of tin you are using . . . we want to do the same thing!

Ranch Kid said...

Ok I know that envy isn't Godly...but . You are blessed to be able to wake up and see those mountains and all the beautiful things that are around you. I wanna come and see you!
It was 106 here yesterday with a stiff west wind blowing. Supposed to be up around 114 tomorrow. Oh woe.
Well better go I need to do somethings outside this morning while it is coolish.
Love ya

Countrygirl said...

brazle & Paula - When I am having a bad day I try to get to the Canyon - the rushing water washes my cares away. Besides, it's an 8 mile drive from our house and it's beautiful up there - any time of year.
Paula - we went with steel roofing. The guy told us it's went up 30% lately so we decided to get it done. I'll let you know more when we get it.

M - this morning is cool too. Looking like rain but I haven't heard the weather report - I listen to the Christian radio station as much as I can. Stay cool and don't work hard in the heat!

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