Jun 4, 2008

June 4th, 2008

Brrr!!!!!!! It's cold here, rained all night, the hills got snow. Thankful now that I haven't put out the tomatoes! Yes, I actually have a fire going - I can't get the house to warm up. It's about 39 inside but should be warmer soon.
Liza is in a field of mud, I let her out of her pasture so she can mow the yard too. She's enjoying all the rain that brings her green grass.
See the dusting of snow on the hills? I can't even see the Rubies - they are blanketed in clouds. It's supposed to warm up on Friday - yea! We are grateful for this wonderful moisture and will not complain - just have a nice fire and slippers on! Ha!
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Brazle's said...

Holy cow! I can't believe how cold it is there!!! We're sweltering at around 92 here with humidity around 72%. ICK. Today they are predicting a serious warning....the weather pattern is a duplicate of 1974 when we had an outbreak of 39 tornadoes. Fun huh? Oh well, I've prayed over my town..we are in God's protection! We've had enough damage from Tuesday night...Straight winds clocked at 112mph. Many uprooted BIG trees and limbs everywhere. Stay warm and enjoy your party!

Ranch Kid said...

Hey beautiful pictures! I will gladly send a little heat your way! Isn't this crazy weather?
Have a great time hobnobbing!

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