Jul 1, 2008

2nd anniversary

Today, two years ago DD got married. She was a beautiful bride! I am putting some pictures in from that day! They will be here Sunday! Here's DD and our great niece - the precious flower girl. It was a gorgeous day, after the down pour! All the work - we made pretty much everything - she bought the dresses in Arizona - was so worth it. It was truly a blessed night - everyone who attended danced and visited until late that night. May God continue to bless this union! Happy Anniversary DD and D



Paula Yaussi said...

Beautiful Bride! Many blessings to come for them both!!

Brazle's said...

Those are great pics. Tell them to enjoy each day...it goes by so quickly. We're approaching 14 yrs and I don't honestly know where it went!

I hope you haven't had to light up a fire in the house lately...we're feeling like an oven around here. It's actually NOT raining and about 95---today feels like a true KS summer day, HOT WIND. I know the farmers are loving it, Saw some combines rolling last night. I'm so happy for them. Many fields around have the high spots cut out, waiting for the mudholes to dry up.

RanchGirl said...

Such a pretty bride, and a pretty wedding! I noticed that Davida's hubby was wearing the same vest that John wore in our wedding! :)

Countrygirl said...

Paula - thanks.
brazle - thanks to you too. No, no fires lately except those by lightning. We're above normal now in the high 90's. Glad that the farmers are liking their weather.
Jen - thanks, it was a pretty wedding. I saw John's vest in the pictures your momma sent me after your wedding. Quint is such a huge weight lifter that we had hect finding a vest to fit him. The funny thing is, David had the same one too.

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