Jul 2, 2008

Wednesday's Simple Pleasures

1) Planting small, frail flowers and see them bloom.

2) The feeling after you help someone have a better day.

3) Praise and worship at church

4) Having my summer's off from the job - not from work - Ha!

5) Smelling a freshly bathed baby

6) Puppies, kitties, lambs, calves, goats, fawns, foals

7) Hearing from friends

8) Clean floors - swept and mopped with no tracks on them!

9) Nevada sunsets

10) Fresh garden veggies

On a sad but happy note - DH's favorite Uncle passed away yesterday evening. He was a wonderful Christian man who is now sitting with Jesus. (He will see Josh again!) Please pray for his sweet, loving wife - Patsy who will take this pretty hard. I can almost see Uncle George smiling as the angels surround him on his way to the King! Thank you Lord for this great man in our lives!


Brazle's said...

I love your Wed, Simple pleasures. You just may have inspired me to pick a day and choose some of the many things I'm so very thankful for. Thanks for sharing!!!!

So sorry to hear of your loss. Your family is in my prayers.

Hope that you had a blessed 4th of July. We did...

Ranch wife said...

Countrygirl, I am sorry about DH Uncle. But just think of where he is, and who he is with. I think the Lord that He made a way for all of us. We don't have to think of death as the end, but only the beginning.
Love ya,

LeAnna said...

I'm sorry to read that you've had a loss in the family. Lord comfort all of ya'll through it, because no matter who, it's never easy...

I had a wonderful time with "My Two Jen's" in NM :) Thankfully it seems as though I'm on the downhill end of this morning sickness and I'm starting to feel better. Now, poor Jen is experiencing a touch of it! Hope she lets me come back... :P We had quite a few exciting experiences while there, I'm sure you'll hear about 'em soon! :)

Be blessed!

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