Jul 21, 2008

Nevada bug dust

I put this picture in sephia because that's the actual color I was when I got done. When I got out of the tub, guess what color it was? Ha! Here I am in the skid steer, (or as we call it the bobcat). We did 70 post holes and then it blew a seal! No one was around to come and fix it so I took it back this morning and they will let me have it for another day - for free. Bless their hearts. It was so hot, no wind, no moisture in the air at all. Yesterday it sprinkled on us, but that was it. We are getting much closer to the end of this project - praise be to the Lord, for it's been a while in coming!

We only have 16 more to dig on the propety fence. I would like to put in a few raised flower beds, so we'll get one with a good bucket. We need to get horse hay this week too. Oh, the never ending things................

Spirit West Coast is coming up!!! We leave next Tuesday, pick up dd who's flying into Sacramento and then to SWC. It's going to be our only get away this year. It's in CA, Monterey Bay. It's wonderful! Check out their website: http://spiritwestcoast.org/. We camp out there and do lots of walking back and forth to the different events. Last year, dh and I were just walking through and heard someone teaching. We went in and we were so blessed by this guy, he was wonderful. That message alone made the entire trip worth it! Felt as though God prepared it just for us! What a wonderful and awesome Lord we have. Never, never, never let this world steal the joy He has given you!
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Brazle's said...

Have a wonderful trip! Sounds like so much fun. Will definitely check out the website. Praise the Lord for your rain. Take care!

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