Jul 21, 2008

Wonderful rain!

The Heaven's opened and we got much needed rain! It's so great! It's been terribly dry, fires are a major concern - this will help. It was a good storm too, with lots of lightening and thunder. Beautiful!


LeAnna said...

Love those beautiful gray skies! The rain always reminds me of the refreshing outpour of the Lord in our lives. Hope you're doing well. Have fun at SWC! I've always heard of it, and thought it sounds like fun. Take pictures :)

Ranch wife said...

Praising the Lord for the rain. I know yall needed it. It is hard to believe what just a little over 3 inches did here. Doesn't even look like the same country. When I went and walked this morning, I saw...little blades of grass shooting up. And everything has a green tinge to it.
Have a great day

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