Sep 15, 2008

Gramma's Bible

Saturday we had Gramma's service, all of her grandkids and great grandkids were there. Plus many of her extended family and a few friends. She went to school on the Camas prairie and several of her classmates attended. The above picture is one she had taken a few years back. The right one is of her looking at a picture of her and Grampa when they were first married. It's a wonderful picture - all of them are.
Gramma's bible was well used, and had little scraps of paper showing different verses. She or Grampa had at one time marked verses with tabs - the tape has long since worn off and turned the pages brittle. But.....I can easily find their favorites. What a legacy they have left!

My gramma was indeed a very special lady - and one sweet day I will get to see her again. I know that the angels were rejoicing as she went home. She's with her family, Grampa, and my Joshy in the mansion that Jesus prepared for her. What a glorious God we serve.
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LeAnna said...

What a wonderful treasure to have. My Mom has one of her grandparents Bibles (she never knew any of them) and I love going through it. My own Grandpa loves to get a new Bible every now and then and we love going through his and reading his notes, and finding the drawings he's tucked away. When one is a lover of the Word, their Bible is usually full of so much character!
It's so amazing to have a heritage like that, where you can truly say you cherish that Word of God because you yourself hide it in your heart, but also because a wonderful woman you loved hid it in hers as well.
Okay, I'm going to go blow my nose now. Thanks a lot! (hehe)
No, really, thanks for sharing. That was beautiful. :)

Ranch wife said...

What a treasure that you have. I wish I had my Mamaws. I don't know where it went after she passed away. But I do have the picture in my mind of seeing it open on her knees, and I do have the rocking chair that she sat in while reading it. But what I wouldn't give to have it. What a blessing. I am so happy that she isn't in anymore pain. And think of how the reunion that she and your grandpa must have went. The Lord rejoices in the death of His saints.
Wishing you a day filled with His Love and His peace.


Odd Chick said...

thank you for your very kind comments on my blog regarding my son and his triumphs. I loved the story about your grandmother- you could tell in her face and in her well-worn Bible that she loved the Lord. You sound like an amazing girl yourself.

Countrygirl said...

Thank you all, Leanna, Ranchwife and Odd Chick. I was not sad when she got called home - I was happy for her. Yes, I will miss her but she's where we all long to be.... It's been a long year but God has revealed much to me and Jesus has been beside me the whole way. He's even brought me new (and old) blogging buddies. That's a praise in itself.

Broken Y said...

I'm rejoicing with you - I had a wonderful grandma also! How I miss her! What a legacy she has left. I am so happy that these events of the last year have drawn you nearer to Jesus. What better place to be then at the feet of the Savior!

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