Sep 18, 2008

Listen...........and maybe you will hear....

Last night DS and I took the dogs up the canyon to walk them. It was nice and cool when we unloaded Billy (German Shepherd, 9 months old), Lexi (11+ year old Basset hound), and Pistol the 5 year old Yorkie). Billy usually likes to lead but he hung back, acting a little weird. We just let Lexi go ahead, the hound without a good smeller! She took off, Pistol on her heels, and then Billy who was really searching and watching. Lexi usually is so happy that she bays while we walk, but not up there.

Where we went you can get lost in the trees just yards from the road. Billy was looking in all directions watching or waiting for something. About that time we noticed - no birds were singing, no crickets, no insects, nothing ...................there were no sounds. DS, Lexi and Pistol were about 15 yards ahead of me when Billy just sat down. This is not like him, he loves to go - anywhere! He refused to move. I hollered at Ds and told him to come back, I couldn't see them but I could hear them. Then off to our right, we heard something crashing thru the trees - we never saw anything! Billy was setting - ready to attack. He never barked, never growled, just tensed up and waited. Ds called Billy but he was adamant - he was not moving.

We listened to him, turned around and hurried out of there. We had no guns, clubs, anything, just the leads for their collars. Billy did not want to be up there, the other dogs were quiet and ready to go to.

Ds and I talked about what it could have been....a mountain lion, bobcat, maybe some bad people. We may never know but we are thankful for Billy who wasn't about to let us go any farther. Ds saw what a truly smart dog Billy is - I hope he'll listen to him if there's a next time.


Broken Y said...

I have chills! What an awesome dog. Sometimes we think they are just food eaters but then they pay us back with such loyalty! I'm so glad you had him with you!

Ranch wife said...

You know God works in mysterious ways. Most likely you will never know what was up there. But the Lord put the sense in that dog to warn you that something was wrong.
Have a great day!


LeAnna said...

That's an amazing story! Having worked for a vet for 5 years, I can believe it. Animals have some amazing senses, and you just add that to the Lord watching out for you, and you've got yourself quite a team. My own dogs can pick the "bad guy" out of group of Brandon's workers. And they're right every time!

I have a new blog address instead of going private it is now

Brazle's said...

That's a great dog...even better that you guys listened! Praise the Lord for your safety!

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