Sep 24, 2008

The Table Rock cross

While I was with Dad in the hospital I noticed a cross over on the hillside. When I mentioned it to him he told me, "that was your great grampa's finest hour when they got that cross up....". Now my great grandparents were very devout Baptists, you were to be seen and not heard in their house, children ate last and you did not speak unless spoken to. But I can remember my little tiny Gramma Gill reading us stories - I was taller than her by the time I was 9 - she died that year.
At night you can see the cross up on the hill - it was a beautiful comfort to me several nights during his stay in the hospital. To know that my great Grampa helped to put it on the hill was inspiring!
Today is my aunt Cook's birthday. She is a couple years older than my mom and she's just as beautiful. She's very kind, caring, and loving. She's been a widow now for almost 3 years; and although she does great on her own - it gets lonely and she doesn't like to stay by herself. She has two Pekinese dogs - Misty and Choy - who are so funny! Uncle Jerry lived with brain cancer for 25 years, had 3 surgeries on his brain alone - she lovingly stayed by his side through it all. Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady.
Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!

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Brazle's said...

That is so cool. Even more so with the story!

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