Sep 25, 2008

I have a video on youtube......and I didn't even know it

Awhile back I got an email from the Western Folklife Center to tell me that Nevada Magazine had done a short article on the WFC. It mentioned the Deep West Videos and had mine listed. So....if you would like to know what DWV is about I have provided a link to the one I did - Brothers. When you get there you can click and watch the others as well.

I would appreciate feedback on this. This year I haven't decided for sure what story I want to tell but one I definately want to do "The strength of the western woman - past and present".

I'm open for suggestions.


LeAnna said...

That was a wonderful video, and the poem was beautiful! I think one on the strength of the western woman would be excellent!

Broken Y said...

To be able to hear the voice of a friend I've never met is priceless. I've been crying now for about 10 minutes. That was beautiful - you did a wonderful job! I agree with Leanna - the strength of a western woman would be good - You'll need someone else to film you though.


Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Oh, Countrygirl.. I loved your poem and video! I got a little weepy there at the end, but since I already knew about Josh, I was emotionally prepared for it.

"Before me, even as behind, God is, and all is well." - Whittier

Hugs, Pat

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