Oct 3, 2008

Class Field Trip

Well.....we had a field trip up the canyon on Thursday. A 4 mile hike (2 up to the lake and 2 back down). It was a gorgeous day - perfect for hiking!

It's pretty steep in places.

We started down below

It clouded up and spit a few rain drops, but we just put our jackets back on and kept going!
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LeAnna said...

Ahh, that looked like FUN! Such beauty! I wish we had more places like that around here, I love packing picnic lunches and hiking to a nice cool, breezy spot to enjoy them. :)

Brazle's said...

That is beautiful! My youngest just said as we were looking at these pics..."I want to go there! Thant is so cool!" I want to go there too...thanks for sharing your pics, what a fun day!

Brazle's said...

please disregard my bad spelling...
In my world...That has just become....Thant! (smile)

Countrygirl said...

leanna - it was fun! And Friday those beautiful mountains got snow! We got a really good rain, too - down below.
brazle - ya'll are welcome anytime to come!!!! We can do a mine tour, mountain tour, western folklife center, etc etc etc .....come anytime!!!!
(ps - I didn't even notice the spelling. I do that, too, and then when I read it I think, "oofff........"!)

Ranch wife said...

So Pretty. What I really miss here is the fall colors. We didn't have that many in Texas, but here there are none. Unless you head to the hills, which is what DH and I just might do next weekend, for a day.
Love ya


Broken Y said...

I'm coming too! What beautiful scenery! I remember the first time I saw the mountains, we went to Pike's Peak and I just stood at the top and cried. I guess I'm terribly emotional but how can you look at those beautiful mountains and not believe in God?!

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

That is beautiful scenery. The hike sounds like a lot of fun. I can almost smell the crisp, clean air.

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