Oct 14, 2008

Snow? In October?

Saturday we woke up to 2 inches of wet, white moisture! Yes we had 4 inches by the time it was all said and done. It was 32 degrees! What? On October 11th? It snowed another inch in the night but Sunday turned off a little warmer and we were at 65 today! Crazy! No complaints as we needed some moisture.

My sister who lives in Idaho had over 2 feet! They are sure hoping it doesn't melt quickly or it may flood the basement!

If this is a sign of our winter, it may be a wet one! Which we need! Thank you Lord for the moisture.


Ranch wife said...

Oh My! It turned cold here as well. Burrr. DH was on the roof earlier cleaning out the stovepipe! We were caught unawares.
It has been a kinda cozy day although
my feet are freezing!

Love ya


Brazle's said...

OOohhhh..that's perfect. I just posted a request...What is your favorite thing to cook on a snowy/rainy day?

Broken Y said...

Kansas has been crazy wet! Our local news station said that this is the wettest year in HISTORY! And its cold! Time to get the fireplace going!

LeAnna said...

Brr! It's just been wet and foggy around here. I saw on the news where the northern states were really getting a chill and some snow.

LeAnna said...

Ooooh, you mentioned cheeseburger soup on Brazles blog. I don't s'pose you'd wanna share the recipe for that one? :) PURDY PLEASE with Oklahoma Sugar On Top?????

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