Oct 22, 2008

Fall decorating

I have been doing some cleaning, dusting, and decorating. Here are a few samples.

DS made this oak shelf in Wood shop. It goes over my kitchen window.
In the living room we have 3 huge windows and 3 small ones over their tops. That's this picture, this ceiling is almost 13 feet high.
A small curio cabinet that holds tea cups and saucers from both Gramma's and other trinkets.
I have a marble topped oak buffet for the tv - DH won it at work. We drilled holes in the back for the wires etc. All my walls look so white except this one. I don't do halloween, but I love fall things - then I can just add the Thanksgiving stuff a little later.
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LeAnna said...

GOOD GOLLY! It let me leave you a comment! I feel like a renewed woman, I've tried since last night and it's finally working. Okay, okay...um, first off....

I love your curio cabinet. It's bootiful. I need one like that, and have been searching high and low on craigslist for one..

I also love your buffet with the marble top. I think it was a worthy item to be won. Makes a nice tv stand, too!
Annnnd, your fall decor is just beautiful. We don't "do" halloween either, so I like to use pumpkins and leaves for a harvesty/thanksgiving feel. I don't put up much, because I hate taking it down...isn't that lazy and awful? But it's true. I'm a minimalist for that very reason. I don't like putting up christmas lights outside either, because if you put them up, you inevitably have to take them down.
This could be the reason why my Christmas tree has a tendency to stay up until the middle of January. :P

But anyway, I'm feeling much better. I think I've figured out the culprit for what makes me so uncomfortable. Must eat more leafy greens, if you know what I mean. ;)

Blessings to ya!

Countrygirl said...

DH won the TV- sorry I didn't make myself clear. We found the buffet in Idaho. We are not big TV watchers and would never have bought one that big. It's kind of funny - we don't have satelite, cable, dish, etc.; we have rabbit ears.

Ranch wife said...

I have been trying to leave a comment as well, and surprise it worked.

Great fall decor! Fall is the only season I really go all out for. Even more than Christmas I think. I am like Leanna, what goes up, has to come down, and I hate doing that.

Cottonpicker makes me feel guilty. She has decor for every season, and her house always looks so in style.

Well gotta get, I am needing to get in the bed early tonight, and all dogs are banned!

love ya

Brazle's said...

I'm glad it's not just me that had trouble leaving comments...hopefully this one comes thru! I LOVE your decorations and...could that be a Christmas cactus I see next to Grandma's picture? I love mine. My mom's is huge and beautiful.
I'm with Leanna...I thought you won the marble top buffet! I thought, "wow that's a cool drawing!!!"
I must say, I do like to decorate...I'm all about lots of lights. My Husband is not quite the fan of it I am, therefore...I do not wait for him...I get my lights up myself...all the neighborhood men usually say"could you get off that ladder and quit putting up lights...you're making us guys look bad!" ha ha

Countrygirl said...

Brazle - ha! Yes - it's a Christmas cactus. I got it from a friend in Colo (Ranchwife, it was Pam) when Joshy was killed. I have a new start off one - from my friend's Gramma's plant. Her Gramma has been gone many years. That little start is blooming right now.

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