Oct 24, 2008


It's been a long week for me, not sure why. It's been beautiful here, nice warm days and very cool nights - 12 degrees night before last.

I've walked the dogs at least 2 miles every day, most days DS walks with me. Sometimes he's late, and with it getting dark so early I go alone. We've even started a fire.

I have almost finished decorating for fall. The outside decorations are done (I don't do much - one huge wreath that hangs above the garage; a wagon wheel, milk can and pumpkins with some ribbon). The last thing, and usually the hardest is Josh's cross. Before he was killed, Thanksgiving time was my favorite time of the year. It was a day all about God for us; to give thanks to the Lord for all He's done for us. Now, it's still that day, but it's bittersweet - he was killed on the Sunday before.

Our youngest DS has always played football - this year he decided not too. This was the first year in 16 that I didn't have a boy playing. The first game of the year was against their rival. I asked DS if he was going. His answer was a very angry - "I won't support anything that doesn't honor my brother!" This was right after I came home from Dad's surgery, and I wasn't sure what he was talking about. Then it dawned on me - they gave out Joshy's number. I asked him if they did, he confirmed it.
Joshy was a great football player, he played all 4 years. When he was killed the school retired his number 69 and hung it in the gym foyer - with a picture of him and the scripture Zech 4:6. We took this as a great honor to him. The school was so good to us, we had his Celebration of Life there. They just went above and beyond - Josh was truly loved.
When we got a new administration, the principal took down his jersy stating she thought it might encourage suicide - he did not committ suicide. This caused an uproar of all kinds. She didn't bother to tell anyone that she'd done this. Kids were calling us asking where his jersey was. When DH called the football coach, he didn't know anything about it. The athletic director - who'd been Josh's coach one year explained to DH that it'd been taken down. People were furious with her, I was too. I called her, went to the school - she was never available. One night she calls, explains her 'reasoning' and somewhat apologized. It was a mess. Petitions went out calling for her resignation, or firing. The newspaper was filled with letters to the editor. The school board meetings were a joke. One parent was arrested defending our right to be heard - she's since won a lawsuit against the county. But nothing was ever settled and his jersey was given to us. So.........when they gave out his "retired" number it made DS livid. That first game - people from the other team called asking us why someone would be wearing Joshy's number. I am so very thankful we didn't go to that football game. DH would have very easily unloaded on someone.
I emailed (our school district's preferred way to communicate) the coach that night - saying I hoped it was an oversight, and to please call me. Not a word did I hear. Giving him 2 weeks to answer, I then emailed the athletic director. Within 2 hours, he had emailed back - apologizing profusely for their mistake; and saying the 'retired' jersey wouldn't be worn ever; or "at least as long as DS was in school." The coach still has never said a word about it to any of us, including DS. The player who was given the number went to DS and apologized. He didn't do anything wrong, he never knew Josh but he has more ethics than the grown men who coached Josh for 4 years. I guess this post comes down to - do what's right! Not what's popular, not what's in, not what's best for you. Do what's right.
The scary thing is - some people don't know what that is.
May the Lord bless our nation - there are still some of us who are, "...one nation under God....


LeAnna said...

That must have been such a hard thing to deal with, for you, but especially for your son, as a brother. I think there's a lot of be said of the character of the young man who did the right thing in regards to the jersey and number. I just had a bible study with my own brother and sister this morning about integrity, and what it means. Our young people need to recognize the value and importance of it. Of doing what is right.

Prayers for your family, as we approach the Thanksgiving season. I can only imagine the bittersweet you talk of. And even though it's not the first season you've walked through, my prayer is that your heart is warmly wrapped in the Fathers love, one more time...

Broken Y said...

Give that big boy a hug for me! Standing up for what is right is a whole lot harder then joining in with the crowd! I am sure that is absence will get the point across!

Now . . . may the comfort that can only come from the Lord, envelope you and hold you tight as these festive times approach and bring back, as Leanna says, the bittersweet.

I will hold you close to my heart.

Blessings, friend.

Ranch wife said...

I am so very very sorry that yall have had to go through all this with the school. But I am proud of K. And I am proud of the young man that came and said he was sorry. That took guts, and shows his character. If only more people had the integrity of both of these young men. Doing the right thing will always be rewarded, if not here then in heaven some day.

We will be lifting yall up in the next few weeks. Anniversary's like this are hard aren't they? But praise the Lord you will see that sweet boy of yours again someday! And what a reunion that will be.

Love ya

Brazle's said...

Wow...what an ordeal? Bless that boy who apologized. His mama taught him well. Bless your son as well! His mama has taught him well too!
I really can't imagine what is must be like to lose a child. I pray I never experience that.
I am Thankful for you and your witnessing. I feel like I've known you some time now. Praise the Lord for the wonderful friends he gives us to share in his Glory!
I'm praying for you and your family as you approach a season of Thankfulness and heartbreak. God is so Good, and you know he will always be with you, what a blessing that is!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.
2 Corinthians 1:3-4
Have a good week!

Brazle's said...

One more thing...
My dish cloths I crochet? I just follow the pattern on the inside of the package. Pretty easy--although, as usual, I've been known to wander from the exact directions! Not always for the better! ha ha

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