Nov 11, 2008

Arizona sun, fun, races....

Here's the raceway in Phoenix, everyone was lined up for the prayer, and then the National Anthem. It was so nice to be in this huge stadium - sold out - and to hear the word of God being prayed! That was very neat!

Here we are - DD is looking away, you can't see DS-I-L at all. DH and I are enjoying the wonderful, warm sun! It was nice - when we left it was 30 degrees in Elko.
88 is Dale Earnhardt, JR. He was my pick for the day. He finished 6th. DH picked the winner, we really don't follow NASCAR too much but it was fun. LOTS of folks! I bet we had to walk 4 miles from where we parked to the track - but we got there later.

It was a great visit. We got to go see the school where DD teaches. Met some other teachers, administration, and some of the students. It's a nice little school - mostly ranch kids. We ate wonderful Mexican food; the best guacamole I've ever had in my life in Douglas. Yum!!! We got to visit some of DSIL family and that was very fun. It's about 800 miles one way but it was so worth it - we truly enjoyed our time together! God blessed us both ways with a fast trip!
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Ranch wife said...

So glad that yall got to see that girl of yours and your DSIL. I know that you miss her and she misses it was a great blessing.


Broken Y said...

I can't believe you like NASCAR!!!! There is nothing like that first lap when the cars are getting up to speed and then they just blow by you and you think your cheeks are going to shake right off your face!!!! AND yes, I love the bad boys but not the whiners!

So glad you had fun!

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