Nov 4, 2008

It's snowing.....

Yes, we are getting snow. It's spit most of the day but it hasn't left too much. The 2nd picture is a little fence I found a week ago at a craft show. They used left over wood, you can take off the fall decorations and put up Christmas etc. I thought it was really cute. The twinkle lights don't show up in the picture too well.

While driving to work this morning, I see a llama in the road. I have seen him (her) before with about 6 skinny horses and a goat. So I start to slow down, sure enough those horses and the goat were all out. This is on a little road, but it's also a road the high school kids travel, and they don't drive very slow when they're late for school. I pull into the yard - there are about 8 barking dogs, two of them are out.
"God protect me, please." I ask as I head to knock on the door. Both dogs, pit bulls, were fine with me. I find a piece of twine and first get a mare with a 3 month old or so colt. They are eating some grass hay, and one bale of alfalfa is in the middle. These poor things are so hungry. I lead the mare and colt to the 'pasture'. It has an electric wire that goes over a yard gate. They had pushed the yard gate over and tweaked it, went thru the hot wire - either it wasn't hot or they didn't care. It's been raining here for 4 days now, so all the dry ground is sticky mud. You have to walk down about 7 inches into the pen. There's a dog kennel right where you walk and one dog grabs my leg thru the wire. He didn't get skin but did tear my pants, I think they are hungry too.
Anyway, I get the pair in, grab an old, pitiful bag of bones mare who has on a blanket that is pretty much shredded and lead her over. Then a very kind man stopped. (He was behind me when I first slowed down, he drove by and then got to thinking - that's not the car that is usually there.) God was so faithful to bring him back! We got the horses in when he said, "I don't know much about llamas. I laughed because neither did I. We tried to herd them, but the horses would push forward if we opened the gate. So after several times I grabbed hay, threw it out so they could all eat and we started after the goat and llama again. About this time another man stopped, we could guard all the holes - besides when they saw me get the alfalfa both were ready to go back in.
We were all in work clothes - and were all muddy messes, but we got them in. The first man who stopped was a Sgt. in the local sheriff's office and he was trying to find the owner. He said he would check to make sure they were fed better.

I realize that things happen and sometimes we get in a bad way - but those things were so darn hungry. I hated to leave them - acutally I have been watching them for awhile thinking how thin they were. All that person(s) need to do is ask, there are lots of people here who will help out. Maybe I don't need to wait, maybe I should offer..........

Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time of need. Hebrews 4:16
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Mark Justin Josephs said...

Wow. Snow! Love the blog ... Hey sunny 75 in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Come on down...

Ranch wife said...

My faithful friend, who feeds the homeless folks and the starving creatures. I know that the Lord just smiles down on you.


Brazle's said...

What a wonderful thing you did yesterday a.m. and with the help of some other wonderful people! Isn't it sad that people just don't take care of business?
I can't believe it's snowing was actually hot here yesterday, well hot as in 75ish. But the wind is blowing like only it can in Kansas--well, and West TX! We must have a big front moving in, bringing in rain later today and cooler weather.
I love your fence...that looks just like something I would buy! In fact, I have one similar to it, only it's white and a bit taller. I just love it, not even sure where it came from. DH was sure I didn't need it!! ha ha

LeAnna said...

I hate seeing poor li'l hungry critters, too. It was so nice of the two men to stop and help, that is a rarity in itself. Oh, the lessons we are given the opportunity to learn, if only we will. :)

I wish it was snowing, or that we had a big bloggin' buddy get-together and we'll all just come to your house and eat some chili and watch the snow, swap stories and talk about how good the Lord is. ;)

Praying you have a blessed Wednesday!

Broken Y said...

Don't wait! People are too proud or humiliated to ask for help. That is how it was with the animals I took in. Why the neighbors didn't take over some hay, I don't know.

But I bet if the hay just showed up . . . I'm sure they would feel like it was mana from heaven. AND not experience the embarrassment of not being able to care for their animals.

So glad you weren't bitten! I am not a lover of dogs, especially Pitt Bulls!
It has chilled a little in Kansas and I've had the wood burner going! I don't like to be cold but I do love to watch the snow! The fence is cute! You'll be able to stick decor from every holiday on it!!


LeAnna said...

Got something for ya on my blog! :)

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