Jan 26, 2009

Same o' same ol'

We've been getting rain, turned to snow and now it's snowing again. DS is in town running my errands - what a sweet guy! Well, I am down for 10 more days. It seems to be getting better. Today, the Dr showed me exactly why it's taking so long to get well - the Epstein Bar virus test (which causes mono) showed that in one range of 0-120 with 120 being very high - mine was 135 which is too high. Also, one other part of the same test with the same range - my results are 2029! Yikes! So....back to the couch! At least after seeing the test results I understand a little more why I'm so exhaused.
Hoping all is well out there! It's Cowboy Poetry week here - so the hats have all come out. Ha! This is the first one I won't be a part of in many years. My dad will have a booth in the gear show, in fact he's the featured artist this year! Tickled him.
I have a special prayer request. My ds has a wonderful, sweet girlfriend. Her brother Kevin, 20, had cancer while in hs and now he's got one lump in his lung. The drs are giving him 2 months to see if it goes away, or if not they will remove it. Please, pray for Kevin's healing. He's a great guy and I feel he has so much to offer to this world.
Thanks again, Saints, you don't know how much I appreciate ya'll.
Love in Jesus


Ranch wife said...

Well I bet this isn't exactly the vacation that you would like to be having. :)

Wow you have a rough case of it. but am glad you are slowly on the mend.
Have been praying.

Yes we will pray for Kevin. How sad.

Love ya


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

You keep parked on that couch and get well soon! I've never had mono...can't imagine it!
What is with all these kids and cancer...I just don't understand. I know I am not supposed to understand everything...probably couldn't handle all the info anyway! ha ha Will have that young man lifted up here in KS and his family as well.
We've got a nice little ice storm/snow going on too! Not as bad as it could be, but terribly cold...it's 17 degrees..I'm thinking about making some bread and taking a little nap. Haven't slept well in several nights. Talk soon!

LeAnna said...

Goodness, gal! You've been down and out for the count, haven't ya? I'm glad to hear your men are taking care of you. ;) Seems like you and me both have done our share of just 'hanging out' on the couch, and around the house, and quite frankly I'm ready for the sunshine to warm things up and the flowers to bloom!
"All I have need of Thy hand hath provided...great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto thee!"

Broken Y said...

So glad you got some clarification with the test results. Always better to fully understand your battle!

Kevin is lifted up!

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