Jan 19, 2009

Sister's sweet Christmas gifts...... (dr update)

My sister and her boyfriend have started a laser engraving business. They gave us gifts of their labor this year. SWEET! This is my heart box.
This cross is green - sorry my flash overtook it. Love it

The frames are wonderful - they engraved brands on them - (David worked at XIT as did his step-dad and so I bought this frame.) My pictures just don't do justice to these beautiful frames.

David was told by his dr to have red wine - - so they made him this wine holder and cork. He rode bulls when he was younger and she put a bullrider on both.

My sister is an amazing artist, her guy is an fantastic woodworker - together they make wonderful things.
Update on me - I am off work for the next week and up to 12 weeks. Yikes! I am better but the dr said my bloodwork is still scary, and to continue with the resting. Not that I have much choice, the dr visit and a trip to the health food store did me in. I am getting vitamin shots, taking vitamin d and oil of oregano to hopefully speed this along. Doing my devotionals last week, one message kept popping up. That when God wants me to listen, He will put me in a position where that is what I will do. I guess I better tune up my ears and start listening.
So......I will sign off.....thanks so much for the prayers and encouragement. It's all good, and soon will be better.


Broken Y said...

Beautiful stuff! How talented they are!

Wow! You are one sick sister!

In the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask for quick healing, energy, and rest for my sister in the Lord!


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Those frames are awesome! Actually, everything was very neat! How nice. What a neat thing to do as a "team".

I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you. That is one nasty little bug that's got you...I'm with Paula...In the Name of JESUS...be gone..you are healed by his stripes! Take care and will check in again soon!

Ranch wife said...

Those are so beautiful! They did a wonderful job. She needs to sell on Etsy. Then we could all browse through her shop.

Wow this this hit you hard didn't it? I know that it is contageious is there a chance that D and K could come down with it? Praying they don't.

I know you want to be a work and such but as you said there is a reason behind everything. I know what an intercessor you are.....and heaven knows how much we all need to be interceding in these days....

Praying for you always...


Broken Y said...

Checkin' in to see how you are feelin'


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

How's the puny? Praying each day is better!

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