Jan 16, 2009

Pictures can be deceiving.

The sun and sky are absolutely beautiful but it's about 31 degrees. Liza Jane is soaking up some of the rays.
The Ruby Mountains
Elko is just over that hill (about 20 miles).
My recovery is slow - I am better but still exhausted. Now I am tired and can sleep during the day, before I was too tired to sleep - if that makes sense. I go back on Monday, hoping that I can work next week.
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Broken Y said...

Wow! I never thought we'd be colder then you! A whoppin' 7 degrees yesterday!

I do understand the "being so tired you can't sleep". I have been there, especially after the K's were born.

I'm so glad you are feeling better and able to get some food in ya!


Ranch wife said...

I am ashamed to say we will hit 65 this afternoon. This is the weirdest weather ever.

Glad you are getting better. Just take it easy. Don't get in to big a hurry to get back. You don't want a relapse.

I have a sinus thing going on and don't feel so hot myself today.

Love Ya

Broken Y said...

Come by for a visit - I'm Feelin' the Love!

RanchGirl said...

Ah, such pretty pictures! Glad that your feeling better!

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