Jan 13, 2009

Sun is shining.....

It's so pretty outside - the sun is shining, melting away the snow, the wind is blowing (always) and drying up the puddles. It's a beautiful day. Yesterday was the same - you can see the mountains from our front window. They look like someone frosted them with white icing, then put sparklely sprinkles on top. God is good, I am feeling better! The knots are going away, I can actually do something without having to sit down, like taking a shower. My body feels like I rode for two weeks gathering wheat pasture cattle, then processed all night. Ha!

I can eat again - very small meals. And food has taste!

Ds and his girlfriend were doing homework last night, this is finals week, and a sweet lady from church brought over supper. What a huge blessing that is! Not having to wonder what DS will fix for supper! He's the mac n' cheese kind of guy. While they studied, ate, played - I layed on the couch for the most part and read - following orders from DS!


LeAnna said...

It is such a blessing when someone brings over a meal, isn't it? A body can only handle so much macaroni and cheese, no matter how many variations are tried. :) Glad to hear that food has taste, it helps make the day so much brighter when that's so!
Keep feeling better!

Broken Y said...

Ahh! So glad that you are back among the living! Rest is definetely what you needed and more still!

I love when meals show up at my house! There is always someone who is a way better cook then I am!! YUM!

So glad the sun is shining and you are making progress! Your green funk is lifting!

Ranch wife said...

So very glad you are on the mend.You just take care that you don't over do...I know you.


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Just checking on your "gettin well" status! Hope you are better with each day!

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