Feb 26, 2009

Challenge by RanchGirl

It's tapestry and I got it after Christmas this year. It was $40 on sale, then I added some magnets to revamp it. Contents: checkbook, comb, Bare minerals compact, toothbrush & paste, my reading glasses, chap stick, day planner, blue pen, pink pencil, wallet and my insurance cards! (I am not big on purses - for years I didn't carry one mainly because I would leave them in the sale barn, arena, restaurant, movie theater, store cart etc.). Details for the challenge are on RanchGirl's site - listed to the right.

Here is my home health aide. He will hate it when I go back to work. If I was having a bad day (fever, body aches etc) he was right beside me - usually cuddles up next to my legs. It's uncanny how they know. God blessed us with a wonderful dog when we got him. With this sinus infection, I have been putting Vick's on my feet and chest - he hates Vicks. So he sleeps downstairs with DS until he can tolerate it.

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RanchGirl said...

Cute purse!!!!
I never carried one until I got married. I always had one in my pickup, but after having to run out to get my id every time I wrote a check or something, I decided to just start carrying it on me. ;)

Aw, it's so nice to have a little dog to cuddle with. Sometimes I want a weenie dog! My corgi's are too hyper to be lap dogs, and the dobie wouldn't mind it at all, but he's too big! ;)

LeAnna said...

I'm waiting for a chance to do this. Diaper bag style of course ;P

Pat said...

Neat purse, CG! Sorry you've been feeling poorly; hope your home health aide is able to rejoin you soon. My cats can't stand Vicks, either.

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

How are you doing???

Broken Y said...

Wow! You need to put more stuff in that bag! Mine is less then 1/2 that size with twice as much stuff! hehe!

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