Feb 2, 2009

Ground Hog's Day

No shadow here - the sky was hazy. The paper however said that we will have 6 more weeks of winter.

Have a wonderful day!
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Ranch wife said...

Pretty pictures. Well I have to say that we have plenty of sunshine, not bragging or anything. We will hit the high 60's again to day, and tomorrow, and the next day........

Seriously, we are in desperate desperate need of rain, or a good snow, and more rain. Whatever, just something wet. I hate saying that knowing how horrible the winter weather is in other parts of the country.

I will get the prayer list out, sorry, I have been a tad under the weather, sinus and ears. Started as allergies and worked it's way into infection. Yuck, but feel better today.

Have a great day


RanchGirl said...

Hmmm, I sure don't think that ground hog was accurate for this part of the world! We have skipped winter, and gone to spring!

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