May 7, 2009

Mother's Day

Being prejudiced, I think my daughter is the most beautiful daughter in the world. When people say she looks just like me I smile and say "thank you". She was by far the easist child I had - no morning sickness, no weight gain, no labor pains, no contractions, no stretch marks! In fact when she was born, I was a 17 year old virgin who had never met her daddy - I was in college - rodeoing!

How you may ask. Well, this sweet daughter is not flesh of my flesh, or blood of my blood. DH was married for a short time, before I met him - and they had a little girl. He didn't try to get shared custody - his lawyer told him unless he could prove child abuse he had no chance of custody. So...........about 6 months later when we met and he told me about his daugther, we prayed that one day we would at least get decent visitation with her. He loved her very much, and not seeing her was killing him.

We'd been married about 3 weeks when we got a phone call out of the blue - "Do you want DD for a while?" DH said of course we do. We planned to pick her up and go on and meet up with his family in Amarillo, go to Wonderland Park (amusement park). We were very excited, and very thankful for the turn of events. We pulled up to get her, DH went in - I stayed in the car; the last thing I wanted to do was make it awkward and not get to take her. She comes running out to the car, barely over 2, swings open the door and yells, "Hi Momma!" That was all it took - it didn't matter that I hadn't physically had this child - she was mine. It was a wonderful day! Although I went from being a new wife, to a new wife and mother in a few hours! This was my first Mother's Day!

I didn't realize how manipulative two years olds could be! We both had a lot of growing to do! I was very strict with her, trying to show everyone that I could be the perfect mother and I regret that. We grew up together - I was a 19 year old with much to learn. We got to have her for 6 days, then she had to go back. We didn't see her again until November when we got her full time. No court ordered switch - it was another move of the Lord's hand. From that point on, she was never away from us again.

God blessed me with this precious little girl. She had blonde hair and blue eyes - everyone just assumes she is my daughter - and she was/is. We didn't always share that she was born from a different mother. I thank Jesus for her mother, that had to be an extremely hard choice to let her come and live with us; we told DD that her mother loved her enough to let us keep her.

We were very close, not to say we didn't have a few rough patches along the way. She is so much like me that at times we both forget I didn't carry her, and she'd ask if I had morning sickness with her, etc. I always worked with DH and many times we'd be horseback with a little blondie on - in front or behind - one of us. We lived in southern Oklahoma on a ranch and her friends were the horses, dogs, and a buffalo that ran with the nurse cows. Then along came her brother - they were two of the closest kids I have ever seen. They truly enjoyed being together. Yea, they had their moments - but they didn't fight like some brothers and sisters that I've seen.

When baby brother, K, came along - what a helper I had. He was a sick little guy for his first 8 months - viral infections. He hadn't slept for 5 nights, I had a full time job doctoring cattle and needed rest. DD came in one night about 3am - took him from me and told me she would rock him so I could rest! A blessing from an 11 year old.

DD worked on a ranch, was student body president, two state cross country championsips, one trip to state in basketball, homecoming queen, state FFA president, was an RA at UNR, a wildland firefighter, helitac member, and now she teaches agriculture education in Arizona. She married a great guy and they have two dogs. ( I keep hinting at babies - but she tells me the dogs are it for now! Ha!) She loves the Lord, loves her husband, loves her family, and loves her students - it humbling to know that our Lord gave me this precious child of His to raise! We are extremely proud of her, not because of what she has accomplished, because she is "His hands and His feet" to those around her.

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers!


Ranch wife said...

Even though I know the story I love hearing it again. It is so beautiful and what a special thing the Lord did in both of your lives. You are both so blessed to have one another. And just so all of you is uncanny how much they look alike. Give that gal a hug from me..and here is one for you ~ Hugs~


Countrygirl said...

Thanks, M! I sure miss you! Have a good time with your momma, relax if you can! Hope you are feeling better!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

That was a beautiful story about 2 beautiful women. Thanks so much for sharing. You two DO look alike! Wow. I can see why you are so proud...she sounds like a wonderful woman today...she had a wonderful example to follow.

Have a good week friend!!!

LeAnna said...

That was the sweetest story! Isn't it amazing how good God is. He knows just what (and who) we need, down the littlest of them all. Hope you have a great week!

Ranch wife said...

Miss you too! I am feeling better. Relax? Hum....she said she would make it worth my while to help..said she had to hire somebody and she would rather hire me then a stranger...but knowing her I will earn every penny, Ha. We have to move all the tables and chairs from the barn about a quarter of a mile down to the cottonwood trees, set them up, put on chair covers, decorate what needs decorating. I don't even know what all and this is a "small" wedding only a 100 or so. We don't have to cook..thank goodness, it is all catered. I don't mind helping her...especially if it is a paying job. But I hate being away from home, yuck.


RanchGirl said...

Aw! I loved this post, and the pictures!

Broken Y said...

Oh, you've smeared my mascara all over my face! What a beautiful story, what a beautiful daughter, and what a beautiful Mama!

Blessings to you!


Countrygirl said...

Gee thanks, ya'll. I tried to sit down and write this on her birthday - she's a leap year baby; but didn't get it done. She really is a wonderful girl, her students love her. She looks like one of them.

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