May 19, 2009


Digger was DD, DS#1, DS#2's ag teacher. He was a gentle giant of a man who touched so many lives - he helped DD to win her state FFA office, many state contests, and DS#1 too. Today they held his celebration of life - you see he'd been fighting cancer for the last 18 months. He was married and had two children - a girl - 7th grader, and a boy - 9 years old. He fought this stinking disease - about 2 weeks ago they sent him home saying, "there's nothing more we can do for you." He didn't want to die in his home - didn't want his kids remembering that, so he stayed with his mother in law.

They handed out 'programs' with the order of the funeral, and on the back was a list of things that Dig and his wife had written out entitled: (I'm gonna show a few, below)
Dig's Life Tips for a Better Exit

#1 Surround yourself with people better than you. If you think there are none, stop reading this now.
#10 Practice mutual respect! Love unconditionally.

Please if you think about it, keep Dig's family in prayer.

Tell those you love that you love them!!! Use the opportunities Jesus brings to share His love!

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!


LeAnna said...

Goodness, that's so sad! Today is always the day to share the hope that is within us!!

Broken Y said...

Sounds like it was a beautiful service. So young.

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